Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The basics of bling

This blog is going to be about all things bling, not just one project or another. So here is a list of awesome stuff.
  • Murrine is probably the nicest gtk+ theme out right now. Very fast, looks very good, and is very customizable. Cimi is the man!
  • This GDM login screen is my favorite right now. It's ubuntu branded though...
  • InterfaceLIFT has a lot of cool wallpapers and the widescreen section is especially useful to me.
  • OSX icon pack from gnome-look is very good, although not perfect.
  • Everyone knows about Beryl I'm sure. A few tips...
    • Use the state plugin for extra awesomeness.
      • In the opacity section of the state plugin, add these for barely see through menus (looks great with the blur plugin going) and to make icons transparent when you drag them.
        • w:PopupMenu:90
        • w:DropdownMenu:90
        • w:DND:70
          • you can change the number at the end for different opacitys.
    • In the water plugin check on Window wave on system bell for a nice alternative to the annoying beep (some people call it the system bell).
    • Under General Options, make sure detect refresh rate is unchecked, and turn the refresh rate up to 200.
I guess that's about it for the basics. Basically, Google is your friend.


Anonymous said...

Hi, what does turning up the refresh rate do? Does it make things seem more responsive or something? Thanks for this good post. I now have transparent menus!

rotarychainsaw said...

Yeah, turning up the refresh rate makes all the animations smoother. I think it's a bug, but it really helps.